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Sushi Monster : A Japanese Food Adventure at Rusty Bike Pub, Chingford – Yummy Food Delivered by Train!

In Chingford, at the Rusty Bike Pub, there’s a cool surprise waiting on the first floor. It’s called “Sushi Monster,” a special Japanese restaurant. They do something really fun – they bring your delicious food to your table on a little train!

Mixing Old and New

When you go up the stairs to Sushi Monster, you’ll see a mix of old and new things. The walls have pretty pictures and wooden pieces with flowers. The lights look like lanterns you’d find in Japan. It’s cozy and cool at the same time.

The Train Adventure

The most exciting part is the train! A small train goes around the restaurant with your food. It’s like a tasty train ride right at your table.

Yummy Food to Try

Sushi Monster Express has lots of different kinds of Japanese food. There’s something for everyone.

  1. Sashimi and Nigiri: You can try slices of fresh fish and little pieces of fish on top of rice. They taste really good!
  1. Sushi Rolls: There are rolls with rice and tasty things inside. Some are traditional, and others are really creative and surprising.
  1. Noodle Bowls: You can slurp up yummy noodles in soupy bowls. Some bowls have meat, and some have veggies – all super tasty!
  1. Rice Bowls: These bowls have yummy stuff like meat or seafood on top of rice. It’s simple and yummy.

An Amazing Time Awaits

Sushi Monster is not like other places. It’s an adventure with your taste buds! The train bringing food, the cozy atmosphere, and all the yummy things to eat make it a special spot for families, friends, and anyone who loves trying new foods.

So, if you really like sushi, want to try new flavors, or just want a super cool dining experience, head to Sushi Monster at Rusty Bike Pub. You’ll get a taste of Japan without leaving Chingford!